Your films are truly wonderful. I really enjoyed your work and will watch the pieces again and again when I have time to really look closely.
— Shirley Botsford

The video is great...really, Stephen. You made a very cohesive story out of all you taped and the close up is a knock-out plus the images that you picked are perfect for the story. Bravo!!!!
— Elisa Pritzker

Wow Stephen, you did an amazing job! You were able to get so much in, and I love how the words sink up with the images. I feel it is a VERY accurate representation of me and my work. Thrilled. Thanks!
—Joel Griffith

Terrific! It's me. It was delightful working with you on the video Stephen. All I have heard from regarding the video have loved it. What a pro! Thank you so much.
— Rebecca Todd

Wow Steve! You did an excellent job of distilling everything I said into a short period of time. Very impressive! I think it's great. I really like it.
— Mary Anne Erickson

This looks fabulous! Thank you so much. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you.
— Terri Moore

Hey Stephen, thanks very much for this well put together piece. I really like how you wove together the paintings and drawings with what I was saying. Thank you very much. I feel honored. Well done Stephen. Thanks
— Michael Patterson

I just wanted to thank you for the on point job you did of portraying my text for the Chronogram January 2012 cover film. Again, thank you.
— Jane Pertrick

Thank you Stephen! This is great!!
— Allison Petroski

Love it ! Great video. The finish where I say I'm having fun and I smile at the camera is great. Many thanks.
— Peter C. Brandt

Looks amazing! Thanks so much. you made me look good!
— Jac Lahav

Terrific! You spliced a beginning as an end, if memory serves, but it sounds seamless :-) you ARE good. I thank you.
— Lawrence Webster

So great. Thanks again.
— Dave Horowitz

Again, it was such a pleasure working with you — you made it so fun and easy, and I look forward to seeing you again.
— Allison Leach